The direct mail advertising business opportunity

Our business model is a stark contrast to other coupon publishers in that we offer you the opportunity to become a Publisher in your very own Deal & Reels™ Magazine zone through our unique program with little investment and no requirements on liquid assets or net worth. Other similar coupon publishers have start-up costs that range between $32,500 to $120,000, all of which require liquid assets between $27,500 to $75,000 and a net worth of up to $150,000! We think that’s a lot of start-up and isn’t necessary!

Our unique business opportunity allows you exclusive rights to your zone and 100% profit over the magazine publishing rates. We provide all the rest to help you be successful in your new business like training, customized marketing materials, complete design services, printing & mailing of your finished magazine, and all around moral support!

What makes our coupon magazine different?

We offer a beautiful full-color magazine printed on sturdy, high-gloss paper featuring sneak peeks of upcoming new movie releases from major motion picture studios, such as, Sony™, Universal™, Paramount™, 20th Century Fox™, Warner Bros.™, Lionsgate™, The Weinstein Company™, & Disney™.

Movie-going revenues are up and coupon usage is at an all-time high. We’ve just married two great things together to bring you our one of a kind hollywood-backed, movie-themed coupon mailer that gets our advertisers amazing results!

Our training and ongoing support

We utilize our publishing expertise to provide our local Publishers with the training and ongoing support needed to grow a successful local magazine edition.

In addition to the authorized use of registered trademarks, we allow entrepreneurial independent Publishers access to the established print, layout, accounting, and sales support successfully employed by the Deals & Reels™ Coupon Magazine. If you have an entrepreneurial passion and the persistence required to be successful, you may be the candidate we are searching for!

What kind of profit are we talking here?

We have a variety of magazine sizes to choose from to allow you to grow when you feel you’re ready. Each magazine comes with a maximum number of ad spaces in varying sizes. Your profitability will be based upon the size of magazine you choose and the number of ads you sell within that magazine.

We do everything we can to help you be successful, so all you have to do is sell ad space and manage your accounts. But you have to get out there and do it! You will get out of your magazine what you put into it. Your level of dedication and commitment will ultimately determine your profit.

How to move forward

Earnings potentials are unlimited and independent Publishers can make a great living producing the Deals & Reels™ Coupon Magazine. Work when you want, where you want and earn what you need, all from your own home office. Let us teach you our successful business. Be in charge of your financial future and get started today! Contact us to learn more!